You’re Not a Loser…Are You?

You’re Not a Loser…Are You?

When I first started in IM, I tried so many offers, products and services to my list but was having little success.

Infact, I was able to get a +50% opt-in for my list…but my conversions into sales of those subscribers were abysmal.

Not to mention I started getting unsubscribes left and right.

So I started thinking…what the hell was I doing wrong? So I started researching, talking to my mentors (success hint) and breaking down the process of what I was doing.

It then occured to me. There are really only 5 reasons why people on my list are leaving…or not buying.

 1. They Are Quitters

 They’re like the people who go to the gym and work hard for 2 weeks; then quit because they didn’t see any results.

 These people are not serious about their success. As a matter of fact I’m willing to wager that unless they get out of that mindset…they will be stuck in a job for the rest of their lives.

Statistically, most people who stick around for longer than 90 days will be sticking around long term. And those who actually stick around???

 …Make sales and CRAVE more information so they can make more.

 And those who quit?

 They do nothing with the info, make excuses and go back to their ordinary life of mediocrity.

 2. They’re Freebie Seekers

 This is the mark of a loser.

 These people are unavoidable, they are who they are and if any of your offers are “free” or “giveaways”. You will attract them like flies on a turd.

 3. I Haven’t Given Enough Value

 In my years of sales experience. I’ve learned one valuable fact that I can prove time and time again.


 Over the last couple of emails I’ve been promoting a book that changed my life called “The IM Revolution”. It’s $10. Yet most of the people on my list (hell, you may be one of those) haven’t purchased it yet.

 Even a homeless guy on the street can afford $10 for something that will make their life better. They do it every day when they use the money you gave them to buy cigarettes and liquor.

 The difference between you and that homeless guy is that they KNOW if they get themselves some cheep booze, they will feel better; atleast for a little while. (NOTE: I don’t really think alcohol is the answer of course, I’m just giving you an example.)

 4. They Aren’t Using the Tips and Information Given

 Again, it’s not the money.

 Hell, even with my coaching program at $97 a month… that breaks down to $3.23 a day.

 Most “broke mentality” people that I know easily piss away 2-3 times that each day at their local Starbucks. (Some of you have probably already been there today. :P)

 So there are two reasons for this:

 A. They are not applying and using the information I’ve given them.

 Or B. I’m not showing them anything they don’t already know…but then again…if they already know it…why are they looking for answers from me?

 And lastly this brings me to 5.

 5. They Are Not Sure They Can Trust Me

 Let’s face it. Over the years you’ve probably subscribed to a large handful of newsletters. So every day you sift through your email and see all of these marketers giving you their pitch on how they’ll make you millions of dollars.

 You ask yourself, “Is this even a real person?” So right off the bat, you already have trust issues.

 So how do you know I’m a “real person”?

 Well, you have my number. I gave it to you in the first few emails.

 You have my Facebook group, you can join that and chat with me directly if being on the phone isn’t your cup of tea.

 You see, I look at marketing as a relationship. If you find someone that interests you and RIGHT AWAY you have trust issues or are wondering if that person is even who they say they are…how long is that relationship gonna last? Not long.

 So my goal is to help you see that I can be trusted. I genuinely care about whoever wants to learn ways to make money online and better their lives.

 With that said. I hope I didn’t bore you. I’m here to help in any way I can.

 To OUR Success,

 Doug Johnson

 PS. If you think you can take that first step in the “trust department” with me. Below is the link to an opportunity that will quite literally rock your socks off.

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