You Know How to Get Leads, Now What?

You Know How to Get Leads, Now What?


Whether you’re brand new to the marketing world or a seasoned veteran. The only thing holding you back from untold riches and a job-quitting lifestyle is traffic. It’s the life blood of any marketing endeavor; getting more eyes/ears in front of your product or offer.

But what good is traffic and what good are the leads you’re getting if you have absolutely no method of following up with them or communicating with them?

So it begs the question…After you learn how to get leads, what do you do now?

Fear not, young padawan. It’s actually easier than you think.

Allow me to start off with what I think you SHOULD NOT do. For starters, don’t expect your email broadcasts/followup sequences to do all the work for you. Sure, if you have a large enough list and/or an incredible sales funnel in your follow up sequence, you’ll get a few sales. But as I wrote in a recent article, I believe email is dying.

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So what do you do? What methods and techniques do you use to contact these leads of yours and turn them into buyers?

In order to understand how, we need to understand who these people are.

They are people.

Yes, they are just like you and I. They are sitting in front of a computer screen or a phone, reading an email, clicking a link and looking for a solution to a problem.

Does it make sense to treat them only to prefabricated emails and bulk follow up sequences? Of course not, that’s not what you or I want, so what makes you think that’s what they would want?

In order to turn a lead into a buyer, you need to build trust and a relationship with them. A mentor of mine made an entertaining analogy of walking up to some random stranger and asking them to marry you. What are they going to say? Well, other than “NO!” they may be wanting to get to know you a little better first, right?

Same goes for marketing, you need to “date” them a little bit, you need to show them you’re a worthy catch and that you can provide value to their lives as well as provide them with a solution to the problem(s) they are facing.

And how you do that is up to you. But I assure you that you’ll get much better long term results if you do it in an ethical way.

At the end of the day, if you’re serious about marketing online, you cannot over complicate things. You have to approach every lead you receive under the impression that they are just like you and I; real people.

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