Why Han Solo Sets a Good Example

Why Han Solo Sets a Good Example

Zig Ziglar said it best.

“You will get all you want in life if you help enough people get what they want.”

As silly as it sounds, this quote makes me think about Han Solo in Star Wars.

Now, if you’ve never seen Star Wars before…shame on you.

Anyways, Han Solo was a smuggler. He lived his life prioritizing himself and no one else. He would do whatever job came along his way as long as the pay was good enough.

Ultimately, Han Solo was a selfish jerk.

He was living a dangerous life of crime, evading bounty hunters and law enforcement.

It wasn’t until his chance encounter with Obi Wan and Luke Skywalker that he helped crumble the Empire and become a legend.

Why is that?

He helped people.

Luke and Obi Wan needed help. Solo reluctantly agreed. In doing so, a series of events transpired that ultimately turned Han’s life upside and inside out. In most cases, for the better.

Sure, he had a lot of pain, heartache and loss…but look at what he was able to accomplish by just making a decision?

Too many times we decide to focus on ourselves.

Sometimes, it works to our benefit.

You have your successful sales guy who rarely tries to “help” his team because he wants to be number one.

You have successful marketers who won’t share where they are getting their leads and traffic from. Or how they are promoting their product.

You even have friends who withhold information from you because it gives them an “upper hand”.

What I’ve found though, are the people who genuinely care and take the time to help other people are the ones who will always succeed far more than any of those selfish people out there.

It’s easier to see the success of people and compare yourself to them. It’s easy to assume that if you just focus on “you” that you’ll come out ahead.

But when you follow that way of thinking…what happens when you’re the one that needs help? Who’s going to be there for you?

Chances are no one; and the ones who may be there, are doing it because it’s going to benefit them.

So you have a couple of choices, be selfish and focus on you. Only do things that will benefit you and keep your secrets to yourself.

Or be like Han Solo and give a couple passengers a ride. You never know, you may help crumble an empire.

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