Why Do People Stay Broke?

Why Do People Stay Broke?

You know, people make me laugh sometimes. Especially when I read posts about people not having enough money or when someone complains that the “rich are getting richer.”

It’s crap. All crap.

There’s an age old argument on whether people buy out of necessity or out of desire.

My opinion? We decide to buy out of desire and justify our decision out of logic and necessity.

Think about it.

What do we as a people really “need”?

When you boil it down, we really only need 3 things.

  • Food/Water.
  • Shelter.
  • Companionship

Those three things are really the only things we need to survive.

We may think we need a car…but we really don’t “need” a car. There are other methods of transportation.

We may say the groceries we are buying are out of necessity, but we aren’t really buying what we “need” we are buying what we think tastes good. Sure, when you’re on a budget you’re not going to buy fillet mignon, but you’re still buying what you “want” within your budget.

This ties into why I get so frustrated with people who say “I don’t have any money.”

Really? Yet you can post on Facebook about the restaurant you just checked into? You can upload the latest food dish you just bought? Or post about the 6 dollar cup of coffee you just bought at Starbucks?

The fact of the matter is YOU can create wealth if you just know how.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not Mr. Moneybags. But I DO understand the concept of creating money when I need it.

It just takes a little work and a lot of focus.

I see so many people with so much talent and potential let it all go to waste because of one (or all) of these 3 things.

1.) They’re lazy asses.

2.) They are not applying themselves the right way.

3.) They have a “broke person’s” mentality.

This doesn’t mean they are bad people. It just means they need to change their mindset.

It can be done, it’s not that difficult.

So how do you do change your mindset?

Well, for starters, you need to be around the right people. This doesn’t mean you need to stop hanging out with your friends, but it DOES mean you may want to stop getting your advice from them.

You are who you hang out with.

If you associate yourself with someone working a dead end job or take advice from someone who is in the same boat as you, you’re going to stay in the same boat.

The best thing you can do is find people who are where you want to be and associate yourself with them. Ask them questions, get advice from them. Run ideas by them. You’ll find the people who have the lifestyle you want to live (for the most part) are willing to help if you just ask.

But you got to make sure to listen.


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