WHOA I Made Someone Mad!

WHOA I Made Someone Mad!


Never did I imagine how many people I’d have upset with me over my last email about adding me on Facebook.

I got messages from people saying:


“I can’t believe you’d talk to someone like that! How DARE you!”

“You need to change your email subjects man. Not cool.”

I even had a few unsubscribes.

But you know what it also has gotten me so far?

…35 friend requests and 2 sales.

Anyways, that’s aside the point. What I REALLY wanted to share with you is my FAVORITE email I received this morning. It reads (WARNING: Explicit Language Below):

—–Original Message—–

From: Chris Mor*** [mailto:*******@yahoo.ca]
Sent: Tuesday, September 7, 2013 7:31 AMTo: Doug Johnson
Subject: Re: The SECRET to help you get your first $1,000 commission.

What a bunch of bullshit SCAM you do not want a penny for it until i try it first but you want a credit card number..FUCK..Go suck COCK but the again yo are a cocksucker.

My Reply?

Well that’s quite a good way to get far in life, Chris. Bashing a guy that’s just offering an opportunity. If you paid attention to the sales letter, the $49 is a completely refundable application fee.Enjoy the rest of your day, and a little helpful advice; calling people names isn’t really the best way to communicate effectively. Have fun being broke.

*tips hat*Doug

You see, if I would have received this email last year, I would have been mortified. I would have profusely apologized or justified that it wasn’t a scam, etc. All in all? I would have felt bad that I made someone feel scammed.

But now? I’m in a position where I KNOW that I have one of the BEST opportunities out there.

Whether someone decides to take advantage of it or not is up to them.

Some people are just destined to be broke, not because their destiny has been laid out for them, but because they refuse to take a step out of their comfort zone.

So who are you out there in the crowd? A doer? An Action taker? Someone who sees an opportunity?

Or are you like Chris?

Either way works for me, because Action Takers need people like Chris to wash their car. *ZING!*

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  1. What an Intelligent reply from Chris lol People never cease to amaze me

    • Haha yeah, it is what it is though. He’ll just always stay broke I reckon.


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