What the Warrior Forum Will NEVER Teach You

What the Warrior Forum Will NEVER Teach You

I was having a conversation with a guy who is starting out in Internet Marketing. He was down and out, frustrated and just wanted some help. He’s a good guy, but much like many new comers to the industry, just didn’t have the right direction.

He told me about how he was on the Warrior Forum and did research, looking for way to make money online.

And that’s when I laughed to myself.

Not because he was new or because he had joined the Warrior Forum. But because that WAS me when I first started in this business. I remember going to that forum, searching for some way to make money online. I remember purchasing hundreds of dollars worth of WSOs. So for giggles, I went back to the forum a few minutes ago, and decided to copy a few of the headlines. (Warning: They are absolutely ridiculous.)

“How I Make $5,000 a month with Adsense, and How You Can Too! – VIDEO PROOF!”

“From Newbie To Paid Expert In Minutes Without Doing Any Actual Work – WSO Of The YEAR!”

And my favorite:

“For $14.97 I Will Help You Earn Up To $10,000 A Month Online… If I Fail It’s FREE”

Give me a freakin’ break.

Listen, here’s what the authors of these products on the WarriorForum will NEVER Teach or Tell You…

Are you ready? Here it is…

Getting the right eyes to the product.

=== side note ===

Every business, every person attempting to make a living (i.e. sales online) needs Traffic. I’ve recently been getting acquainted on some strategies to get 15-25 leads a day. Feel free to Add Me To Skype and I’ll show you what I do. If TRAFFIC, and more importantly 10-25 quality leads per day is what you need; I expect to hear from you soon. You can click the link or add me to Skype by my ID: ctrl-alt-rage

=== end side note ===

You see, WSOs for the most part are utter garbage. I can say this because I’ve spent my hard earned dollars (probably like you have too) on offer after offer when I first got started. At the end of the day though, I ended up stuck in the same damn rut as I was when I opened my wallet. And that was, “Now What?”

Internet marketing isn’t about squeeze pages, opt-ins, auto-responders and plugins. It’s about communication, consistency and zigging when everyone else is zagging.

To put it simply…as soon as you have the traffic figured out and understand how to get it for pennies on the dollar…making money online is actually pretty easy.

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Doug Johnson is the Founder of Ctrl-Alt-Success.com. He takes pride in helping people succeed in their marketing endeavors. If you’re looking to generate more traffic, find additional revenue streams or just a shift in mindset, he can help. Add him to Skype at http://skype.ctrl-alt-success.com or give him a call: 563-277-7457

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