What the Movie Goonies Taught Me About Internet Marketing

What the Movie Goonies Taught Me About Internet Marketing

So the other night I decided to watch the movie Goonies. It has a perfect blend of adventure, comedy, suspense, action and even a dash of romance. The movie quite honestly has proven time and time again as being one of the greatest movies ever made.

It wasn’t just the “story” of the movie that made it so amazing. It did something that many movies just cannot do; build the dream.

I remember as a child watching Goonies for the first time and being completely enthralled. I still joke around with my mother about how I made her call every toy store in Iowa City to see if they had the gadgets that Data made (bless her heart lol). The movie’s story to a child was so believable to me that I rummaged through boxes for the hope that I would somehow stumble across an old map that would lead me to buried treasure.

Those were the days…

Now after recently watching the movie, I began to look at it from a different perspective.

These kids from the “Goondocks” did something so brave. They stepped out of their comfort zone and took a risk based off of a piece of paper. There was no guarantee that map would lead them anywhere. Yet they still chose to take the journey.

There were many times they could have given up. One pivotal moment in the movie was when they were under the wishing well. Everyone wanted to go home. They were tired, exhausted and had lost their faith.

It was only Mikey who reignited their faith by reminding them that even the experienced scavenger Chester Copperpot hadn’t even made it as far as they had.

Now we all know how it ends…and if you don’t, shame on you for never seeing this masterpiece.

The point is this: They never gave up…They never said die. (Pun Intended)

After watching this movie again I realized it related to an internet marketer. I know that sounds silly but hear me out

1.) They Found a Map

Goonies MapThink of the “map” they found as an eBook, tool or course that you have purchased. They found this map and they didn’t strip it down and try to find a shortcut. They read it, they had a dream and they followed the map with blind faith.

They could have given up along the way. There were countless dangers like thugs, booby traps and a network of tunnels they could have gotten lost in…but they didn’t. They kept following the map until they finally reaped the fruits of their labor.

The “amateur” marketer usually gives up and tries to find another “map”. This turns into an endless cycle of no results.

2.) They Faced Adversity

Goonies FratellisFrom the time they began searching for the treasure they had the Fratelli family on their tail. As soon as they found Chester, the boobie traps started getting triggered. Even the moment they had their eyes on the prize (the treasure) they faced certain death and even walked the plank.

Whether you’re a marketing genius or a complete newbie, there will always be adversity.  It will come in the form of obstacles such as your budget, friends and family or just life in general. The point here is that if you just faced adversity like those kids did…you’d be THAT much closer to your goal.

3.) They Let Go of the Unrealistic

At the very end, they had everything. They had the treasure, the ship; the very proof that they were successful…but they let it all go. They knew if they stayed on that ship, they would probably die. Their lives were more important.

They didn’t let their pride get in the way. They wanted people to believe they had found the lost treasure. They wanted people to know they were successful.

Goonies JewelsHowever it was still fruitful. If you recall they still had the marble bag full of jewels. It was enough to pay off their homes and live their lives. It was a tough decision, but they made it.

This is what hit home for me. You see, too many marketers just getting started in the IM world set unrealistic expectations. They picture in a matter of weeks or months they will find that pirate ship full of treasure. But that’s just unrealistic. Realize that finding that “ship” is not going to happen before you find that bag of jewels first.

More importantly, stop worrying about “proving” anything to anyone but yourself. That metaphorical bag of jewels is far more valuable than a ship full of riches that will get you killed.

And ultimately remember. It’s not the treasure, it’s not the map, it’s not the dangers that define you. It’s the journey that got you to your destination.

Thanks for reading.

PS. No article referencing the Goonies would be complete without the truffle shuffle.

Goonies - Truffle Shuffle

You’re welcome.

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