Thinking Positive – The Sedona Method

Thinking Positive – The Sedona Method

No, I’m not trying to be a jerk here. I’m making a point and hoping to tie it into a method I’ve recently discovered and have been applying called, The Sedona Method. Now, I’m not going to get into great details about The Sedona Method in this post (but I most likely will in a later post), I’m just relating my point with this method due to their unique correlation with each other.

So allow me to clarify what I mean here. Of course, I don’t literally mean stop thinking positive. What I am implying is when people attempt to think positive thoughts, they are in fact bringing negativity into their lives.

To sum it up; the Sedona Method is a scientifically proven technique that teaches you how not to “think positively” but how to “think positively correctly.” In doing so, you bring positive things into your life by letting go of fears, resistance and anxiety.

The Sedona Method doesn’t change who you are, it simply changes how you think about who you are.

So what exactly do I mean when I say stop thinking positive? Allow me to give you an example:

Let’s say you’re about to go out on a date with someone. Throughout the day leading up to your date, you’re getting ready, attempting to look your best. Simply put, you’re excited! You can’t wait to get to know this person and you have a “good feeling” about it.

…but then…

Your nerves start to kick in, you start feeling a little fear about the “what ifs”. Is he/she going to like you? Are you two going to be compatible? You begin thinking of a hundred different things and you start feeling less confident about the situation.

So what do you do? You “think positively”, don’t you?

You begin to think something along the lines of… “Things are going work out just fine. Don’t worry so much!”

But I am sure most of us have done this…only to have the date end unsuccessfully.

Sedona MethodAt first glance (or thought for that matter) it seems these types of thoughts are relatively appropriate to have to give yourself that boost you need to make the date a success. But let’s examine it a little further by applying the principles that the Sedona Method teaches.

Your subconscious lives in the present. It doesn’t look into the past of the future. It doesn’t interpret the way your conscious mind does. So when you say, “Thing are going to work out fine.” Remember, your subconscious live in the present so things will “always” going to work out. In other words, it will never work out just fine because you are always in the state of “wanting” it to work out fine. Does this make sense? I know it may seem confusing but the Sedona Method book explains it so much better.

Here is the link to The Sedona Method Book on Amazon

Let’s also look at the latter end of the thought, “Don’t worry so much!”

If I tell you no matter what you do, do NOT think of the red fox. What just happened? You’re thinking about the red fox, aren’t you?

By saying, “Don’t worry so much!” You’re actually giving your subconscious mind reasons TO worry. In fact, by saying “don’t worry” your conscious mind  begins to think of every reason why you DON’T want to worry. In doing so, you’re setting yourself up for failure  by causing your subconscious mind to focus on the reasons you don’t want to worry as opposed to the reasons you shouldn’t have to worry.  Confusing, I know… but I really do hope I’m wording it well for you to understand.

Frustrated - The Sedona MethodSo at the end of the day, how can you stop this way of thinking? For starters, you need to change the way you think positively. Instead of “wanting”, what about “having”? Instead of  “going to”, what about “allowing myself to”? Just changing these simple phrases can make such a profound impact on your life and the way you approach it.

For more information on the Sedona Method, feel free to check out this link.

Thanks for reading!

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