The Most Important “Secret Tool” For Internet Marketing

The Most Important “Secret Tool” For Internet Marketing

Over the last 2 months. My business has been skyrocketing.

  • I’ve nearly quadrupled the amount of traffic I get to my blog.
  • I’ve doubled how many qualified leads I’ve been getting.
  • I’ve helped twice as many people achieve success online than I have before.
  • I’ve doubled my workload in terms of how many students I’ve taken on.

Want to know what I’ve been doing?

Want to know the most important “secret tool” for internet marketing?

Well, before I get into that. Let me explain something. In order to understand what I’ve been doing. I have to explain what lead me to it.

I’ve been Reading.

Yep, that’s all. In the last 3 weeks I’ve read about 9 books. Some of them have been on self development. Others have been on marketing.

But the most profound books I’ve begun reading? Are on copywriting.

Now before I go any further. I’m not talking about “copyrighting”. Which is a legal term for business to allow others to distribute their content/products.

I’m talking about copywriting. The art of writing copy.

If you’ve read a sales letter and bought something from it. It was a result of copywriting.

If you were at the local store and saw a magazine with a headline that made you pick it up and flip to that page. That was a result of copywriting.

Copywriting is one of the most (if not the most) important tool in your marketing arsenal. When you learn how to write good copy, you can literally print your own money.

Why is it so important?

Think about it this way. If you know how to write a sales letter that sells. It doesn’t matter what product you’re choosing to promote. A good copywriter could take the crappiest product on the market, write an amazing sales letter and still make money.

Now, I don’t suggest that you try to find crap-tastic offers and put your copywriting skills to the test; I’m just making a point.

Copywriting makes the word go ’round.

You can apply it to anything. You can apply it to your sales letters, your emails, your blog posts and even the descriptions of your video posts on YouTube or Vimeo.

So where do you go from here? How do you learn copywriting?

Well, it does take a little bit of practice. You can’t expect to just write and create digital gold and diamonds.

So what I would suggest to you? Read.

Get a couple books on the subject. The one that I read that just blew my mind and kickstarted my desire to master copywriting was the book, “Copywriting For The Rest of Us”.

It’s by a guy named Michael Shreeve and I actually recommend any book he has written. He is able to word things in a way that are easy to comprehend and easy to implement.

Below is a link to the book. It’s $3.00 if you want a Kindle version. So literally…if you don’t pick it up there’s something wrong with you.

With that said, I wish you the best.

And as always you can add me to Facebook, Skype or Google+ off to the right side of your screen. I’m at your disposal.

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