The Dimplitude Factor

The Dimplitude Factor

A few years back, I thought of the word “Dimplitude“. For fun I decided to do a google search for that term and it seems some other people have come up with that word as well. So unfortunately I can’t say I made up the word exclusively…but I can say that my definition of the word is different than any of the other definitions out there.

So what exactly is dimplitude to me? Well, before I get into what it means, allow me to tell you about the origin.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve been accustomed to wearing a tie and a nice shirt. I don’t always wear one like I used to. But multiple times a month I find myself putting on a nice shirt and wearing a matching tie to go along with it. Over the years, I’ve perfected the knot in my tie. Now, with the ties I personally like; I prefer the Full Windsor knot myself. There isn’t any “wrong” way to tie a tie mind you, I just personally like the way it looks. It’s a broad knot and it looks good on a tall broad shouldered person like myself.

Now, if there’s anything I can tell you when it comes to ties and I… It’s the dimple. To me, if I am tying a tie and the dimple isn’t to my satisfaction. I start over and tie it again. There have been times where I’ve tied a tie 10 or more times before I was satisfied with the dimple. Over time, I started rating the dimple on a scale from 1 to 10. For me, anything under an 8 was unsatisfactory and I’d tie it all over again.

Thus, “The Dimplitude Factor” was born.

Dimplitude - Full WindsorWith that said, I started thinking about dimplitude and realized that it ISN’T just about a dimple in a tie. It’s about how you FEEL about yourself when you feel good about something specific on your body.

Dimplitude could not only be the dimple in your tie. It could be the way your hair looks when you style it a certain way. It could be the way your shirt sleeves are perfectly creased. It could even be the way your eyes look when you wear a certain color.

The point is…Dimplitude is how you FEEL about yourself.

James Bond Tie - DimplitudeWith that said, find your own dimplitude. When you look in the mirror, what is the one thing that you NEED to see to make yourself feel better than you normally do. That right there, is your dimplitude. Give your own dimplitude factor a scale from 1-10 and NEVER settle for anything less than an 8.

The interesting thing is this. When I would tie my knot, look at it in the mirror and said to myself, “That’s a dimplitude of 9…” I was almost guaranteed to have a better day than I normally do. Just knowing that my tie had the perfect dimple gave me the confidence I needed to express myself a little differently, talk to people a little differently and carry myself with more “power” if you will.

So find your dimplitude. Embrace it. It could be something silly, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how silly it is. What matters is how you feel when you get that “perfect dimple.”

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