Take Control Over Your Traffic

Take Control Over Your Traffic


“Getting Traffic.”

“How to Get More Traffic?”

These are terms and phrases we all know too well. Any marketer will tell you that Traffic is the life blood of your business.

But more importantly… “How to get traffic that converts?” Is the most important sought out question you need to be asking.

– Some people have found success in Solo Ads. (I personally think they are a rip off, though.)

– Some have found success in Banner Ads. (I’ve never touched them myself.)

– Some make money by monetizing their Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and Google+ profiles.

– While others find a great amount of success with CPV marketing. (Cost Per View).

So the question remains…how to get traffic that converts?

Well get ready for a little tip.

It doesn’t matter what traffic source you’re using. What matters is what kind of control you have over that traffic.

What does that mean? Let’s start by asking you a few questions.

1.) What is your cost per lead?

I don’t mean how much you’re spending per click. I’m asking you how much you’re spending per subscriber to your list.

2.) What is your opt-in conversion percentage?

If you sent 100 people to your offer, what are you averaging in terms of people giving you their email address?

3.) If you’ve made sales, what is your Cost Per Customer?

In other words. How many leads (subscribers) does it take for you to get one customer?

4.) What is the primary source your traffic is coming from?

For example, if it’s a solo ad. Where are these subscribers coming from? What lists have they been on? What offers have they seen?

If you don’t know the answer to any one of these questions…

You Have No Control

So how do you gain control?

You Track Your Traffic.

Allow me to give you some exciting insight.

If you track your traffic. You gain INVALUABLE information about which steps you need to take in your business.

Now, I’ve never been that great in math…but tracking your traffic, while exhausting in the beginning; is actually really fun.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you’re doing CPV marketing.

For every impression; or CPV (cost per view – people viewing your offer/landing page), you’re spending $0.015 cents. (this is a fairly common price).

This means that for every 100 views, you’re spending $1.50.

Out of those 100 views, you’re getting 5 subscribes or “opt ins”.

This means your Cost Per Lead is: $0.30 – You calculate this by taking your total CPV and dividing it by your total leads/subscribers:

$1.50 / 5 = $0.30

So for 100 Leads, you’re essentially paying $30. This is calculated by simply taking your cost per lead and multiplying it by how many leads you have. In this example, it would be:

100 x $0.30 = $30

Now let’s say for every 100 LEADS you’re getting, you make 2 Sales.

This means your Cost Per Customer is: $15 – You calculate this by dividing  how mean leads you have, by how many sales you’ve made. In this example, it would mean:

100 Leads = $0.30 x 100 = $30 / 2 = $15

What this means…is that on average, for every $15 you spend. You get a customer.

So if you’re promoting/selling an offer that brings you $50 in commission, your bottom line is for every $15 dollars you spend, you’re making $35.

$50 – $15 = $35

Can you see how potent and powerful this is?

If you knew that every $15 you spent, you’d make an average of $35… would you think that’s a good investment?

Hell Yes You Would!

Even breaking it down further. If you knew every $1.50 you spent, you’d be bringing back $3.50…I don’t know about you…but I’d do that all day.

And I do.

The above calculation is an example. And different offers and traffic sources will have different results…but if you can discipline yourself to track your traffic this way… you will be unstoppable.

So what if you’re like me? What if you’re pretty terrible in math and you just don’t want to do it yourself. I’d recommend a tracking software of some kind.

I personally use one. And the one I use ain’t cheap…but it’s definitely the best one I’ve found.

If you’d like to know more about the software I use. Click the “Add Me To Skype” button on the right hand side of the screen. Or you can just add me via my Skype ID: ctrl-alt-rage.


If you’re current source of traffic just isn’t cutting it. I’m a part of a group of people who mastermind and discuss traffic strategies. If you’d like to become a part of it, click the link below and check out the video.

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I hope this was helpful. And as always, feel free to leave a comment.



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