Online Marketing Tips You Should Never Do

Online Marketing Tips You Should Never Do

Alright guys, look. Normally most of my articles are more about helping; a guide if you will. But today I felt it necessary to talk a little about what I’ve seen in the marketing world and what I disagree with. Some look for Online Marketing Tips, but to be honest, the tips are complete and utter garbage.

The reason I feel it’s important to talk about, is because now that I’ve been doing this long enough and talking to the right people. I’ve started to see what so many marketers are doing wrong. So, instead of trying to offer a little nugget of information, I figured it may be more beneficial to list a few things that marketers should never do and why.

5 Things You Should NEVER Do as an Internet Marketer

1.) Blindly Post Offers on Facebook Groups and Other Social Network Sites

All too often, I see newcomers to the marketing world post offers with “catchy” headlines followed by an affiliate link to multiple Facebook groups. Seriously, stop. If all it took to be successful in the IM World was to throw shit at a wall and hope something sticks, we’d all be filthy rich.

This just doesn’t work. It never has, and never will.

Sure, there may be some of you who could argue. I’m sure some of you have possibly made a sale or two this way, but chances are…that’s the only sale you’ve made from that particular person. Marketing isn’t about selling a product to a consumer, it’s about building a relationship to maintain a following of consistent buyers. Blindly throwing products and offers to people is the last thing you want to do.

2.) Random invites to events and Facebook pages.

I admit when I first started I did the same exact thing. But every day, it never fails. I get invited to some random event. They are always titled something along the lines of, “Auto Recruiting Secrets!” or “Make $$ Through Facebook System!”

Most of these invites come from people I had friended or had gotten friended by because I saw an opportunity to get to know them and/or network with them.

But here’s the thing. I seriously have never accepted, declined or even looked at these things. For starters, I’ve never even talked to the people that have invited me for a long period of time. They have no idea who I am and most likely don’t even remember how they’ve friended me.

If you’re going to send me an invite to your “super secret” meeting. I am not going to take you seriously if I see you’ve sent the invite to 600 other people.

3.) Posting a new product or offer every day.

I am flabbergasted when I see someone posting or emailing me about some product they “highly recommend” only to see them post or email the next day about another “amazing” product.

Look, I get it. You are trying to make some money doing the affiliate game, but guess what? I know you’ve never tried out the product, and if you have, I know you haven’t even had a chance to get results to actually say it’s worth getting.

When you do this, all you’re doing is losing credibility with your audience.

4.) Not following through.

I remember hearing a quote from an old mentor of mine, he’s highly successful in the MLM industry and he said, “If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.”

I understand that when you’re making headway and progress that you’re going to have little free time and I know you’re going to be busy. But at the end of the day, I know that you do have time to get certain things done. And when those certain things involve your customers and/or students, you NEED to let them know you’re here for them.

Out of respect, I won’t name names, but there’s a guy in the IM Industry who I used to follow. I wanted to learn from him and work with him. Unfortunately, he never followed through on anything he said and never completed the projects/courses he was working on.

I have no doubts he’s a good guy, but at the end of the day, I will never buy another product or take another course from him because of my experience and his track record.

5.) Misleading your audience.

Now, in marketing, there is a fine line between hyping up a product and misleading your potential buyers.

All too often, I see invites from people talking about a product or opportunity that that is so hyped up it’s unbelievable.

Many times I see people posting products about traffic and how they receive hundreds of leads at 1, 2 or 5 cents a lead. Well, here’s the thing. At one point, they may have gotten lucky and gotten leads at that price, but most likely, that was the best success they have ever had with it and want to promote it in way that sounds guaranteed.

It’s one thing to talk about it and mention it as a possibility. It’s another to make it sound like those are the results everyone should expect.

People that send me invites like that, I remove them from my list.

All in all, if you’re looking to do the right thing. That’s all you need to do; The Right Thing.

Be ethical, use proper judgement and use your moral compass.

If you build your business off of integrity, you will go far.

PS. If you not only want to know how I’m getting 10-25 leads a day, but you also want someone to take you under their wing. Contact me on Skype. My ID is: ctrl-alt-rage

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