Most People Die At 27…

Most People Die At 27…

…but they are buried at 72.

That really hit home with me when I heard it once. Primarily because it’s true.

Think about it, a majority of college graduates go to school and get their Master’s or Bachelors. They’re out by 25-30. They HOPEFULLY get a job they want…Then what happens? They stop dreaming.

So they fall into the rut that most of us have before. They look to get that promotion. So they work harder.

They want the new house, so they work harder and take more time away from their family to get “another promotion”.

They do this day in and day out and before they know it…time’s up. What do they have to show for it?

Well, for a majority of people…nothing.

You see, the thing I’ve  learned over the course of having an entrepreneurial mindset is this:

“Timing never gets better, you just get older.”

So what are you waiting for?

Start dreaming. You need to have a dream. What are you defending? Mediocrity?! You’re tired of getting picked on. You’re tired of working a dead end job. You’re tired of not providing for your family. So what on earth are you doing about it?

I remember when I talked to my father at the tender age of 17. I was trying to explain to him about a business opportunity I was trying to get involved in. He was incredibly skeptical and bitter about it. He wasn’t a bitter man, he was just protective of his son because he had been burned a few times in his life.

I remember asking him, “Dad, what about your dreams and goals?”

His reply?

“I stopped dreaming 19 years ago.”

And I remember thinking to myself, “Wow…you stopped dreaming before I was born.”

Now, the good news is life changes people. Sometimes for the better, other times for the worse. My father has worked hard and is reaping the fruits of his labor, he’s found a wonderful woman he’s going to be marrying in a few months and things are on the up and up for him…but it just goes to show you the mentality of people who let “life” get in the way.

Don’t let “life” get in the way. Get in the way of life and tell it where YOU want to go.

You deserve it, you are worthy. Not because of who you are, but because of WHOSE you are. You are writing your story right now. When I stand before God, I hope I have no talent left so I can say, “I’ve used everything you’ve given me.

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