Why Making Money Online With Email is a Load of Crap

Why Making Money Online With Email is a Load of Crap

Before I get a few people upset or confused with the title of this…allow me to explain.

There are many people who have been lead to believe that all it takes to be successful is to find a product and have some people opt-in to their squeeze pages while their follow up sequence does all the work for them.

…can we get any more lazy?

Seriously, I could make a product that teaches you how to set up an autoresponder, promote a product and create a follow up series. Then sell it for $97+ and I’d be the ONLY one making money.

First of all…

What good is your product if the “traffic” you’re sending it to sucks a big fat one?

How are people making money online with email? Let’s do a quick numbers game here…

On average, when sending a broadcast to your email list, you’re going to have an average of a 2-5% open rate. What that means is for every 100 subscribers you send an email to, only 2-5 of them are going to actually open it.

Furthermore, when it comes to a “click-through rate“. You’ll be lucky to get a 5-7% click through rate of those opened emails. What this means is that every email you have that has a link inside of it. For the people who opened it, only 5% of those people will actually click the link.

Even further… An average conversion rate from a click to a sale is roughly 2% in the IM industry. (NOTE: These numbers aren’t 100% accurate, I’m doing this for the sake of simplicity.)

So what does this mean? On average, in order to make ONE sale to your subscribers. You would need to have 50,000 people on your email list. 

Look guys and gals, email marketing DOES NOT WORK unless you follow a few guidelines. Thankfully, I’ve decided to share a few of them with you (because I’m such a nice guy).

This industry is LITTERED with people promoting solo ads, ad-swaps and co-ops…but you know what? 95% of the time the only people making money are the people promoting the actual co-op.

I’d like to point out that there are a few mentors of mine who regularly promote co-ops and swaps who are legitimate honest people who I respect greatly. Unfortunately, these kinds of people are very rare.

Solo Ads, Swaps and Co-ops just don’t work anymore. Sure, they may have worked 3-6 years ago (or longer). But today? Not so much.

And here’s the reason why.

To sum up how these things work is rather simple.

You essentially pay money to someone to add your promotion/affiliate link to a pool of other links. The amount you pay is determined by how many “clicks” you want. And by clicks I mean, how many people actually “click” the link in the email they receive.

The person doing the ad BLASTS specific email lists with a little “feel good” email that explains how amazing this product or offer is while having your link on a rotator (in the case of a solo ad, it would just be your link).

It’s then just a numbers game. The more crap they throw at the wall, the more crap sticks. People click the link, they look at your squeeze page and MAYBE they opt-in.

Here’s the wake up call for you though.

Almost ALL “clicks” you receive from these things will fall into 1 of 3 categories.

1.) They are freebie seekers and/or tire kickers – These people are on 10’s of 100’s of mailings lists who shoot them emails to “free offers”. They are only looking to get something for nothing. This doesn’t mean they are bad people or cheap. It’s just they know and they haven’t been educated.

So when they come to your offer, see you’re offering something that actually *gasps* costs something; they never open another email again.

2.) They are fake accounts – This kind of goes into the freebie seeker category. But essentially what this means is that when people opt-in to your list. They use a fake email address. They do this in an effort to receive the “free report” and never have to look at another email again.

3.) They’re blinded by every other offer being sent to them – People on these mailings lists get emails from these guys in some cases 5-10 times a day and if that’s the case; why should they take YOUR offer seriously?

So what can you do to increase your open rates, conversion rates and quality of your subscribers?

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Well, the first thing you can do is find a better way to get eyes/ears to your product. Solo Ads just don’t work like they used to. It’s a fact. Yes, I’ve used them in the past and yes I’ve made a good amount of money using them. The thing is that they aren’t consistent results. You just can’t scale your results with solo ads, ad-swaps or co-ops. (And if you disagree, prove me wrong.)

There are a LOT better (and cheaper) ways to generate traffic. Even better, QUALITY traffic. Not just clicks. LEADS.

I personally use Twitter ads as one of my primary advertising methods. The biggest strong point about twitter ads is EVERY engagement/click/follow you receive is a 100% REAL PERSON! *cheers*

The next thing you have to realize is that the “squeeze page” we’re all too familiar with no longer works the way it did in its infancy. Conversion rates are getting lower and lower while the costs of advertising goes up.

So to battle this, you need to come up with more creative ways to whet your readers/prospects appetites.

For me? I make content.

You heard that right, I make content. You’re here because you read my headline and felt that I may be able to provide value to you. (which I hope I’m doing.)

In the world of the internet, content is lord. But good quality content is king. You need to provide value to your readers. Whether it’s an article like I’m doing or a well thought out email. You have to show people you’re a real person and that you genuinely want to help.

At the end of the day, you’re if you’re going to make money through email marketing, it takes a little work but more importantly…it takes a little intelligence.

Blindly sending offers to your list with a little paragraph or two isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Engage your audience, figure out what THEY want.

And how do you do that?

Well, here’s a little secret…you ask them.

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