Let’s Run Head On Into Traffic

Let’s Run Head On Into Traffic

I’m just touching on traffic. There will be more opportunity to learn more about traffic a little later.

If you have no one on your list, you have no one looking at your emails…which means you aren’t selling squat.

There are quite literally 100’s of 1,000’s of ways to generate traffic to your squeeze pages.

You could start up a blog and build organic traffic over time. (which could be incredibly effective if you already have an established blog).

You can create youtube videos of relevant topics in your industry and link your squeeze page in the description.

There are so many more methods that I could create a book. (and some people even have)

A question I get asked a lot is:

“Where do you get most of your traffic?”

I use solo ads.

Essentially a solo ad is a way of advertising that puts you in complete control over how many people “see” your offer.You find someone selling a solo ad and you pay them based off of how many “clicks” you want.

A “click” is when someone actually clicks your squeeze page link.

So if you’re paying for 200 clicks, you’ll be getting 200+ unique people looking at your page.

So if you convert 40% of those clicks into subscribers, that means you’re getting 80 fresh leads sent to your list.

If you are converting sales at only 5%, you’re making 4 sales.

Pretty cool, right?

With that said, the best place to find solo vendors is safe-swaps.com.


Think of it as “facebook for solo ads”. You can find solos to fit your budget, each vendor has a page of reviews from people who have purchased from them so you can make an educated decision. Check it out, I’m pretty sure you can sign up for free.

Lastly, I want to drop the link to My Top Tier Business again.

If you get through the 21 steps. You get access to a 30 day traffic plan.

This is a 30 day plan that goes through a couple dozen traffic methods you can use and apply the day you read them.

The link below takes you to the order form for MTTB, it’s $49 bucks and is 100% refundable if you aren’t satisfied.


If you have any questions on traffic, as always you can reply to me or

reach out to me on Facebook. I’m here to help.

Be on the lookout for my next email, I’ll be covering something that quite literally accelerated my earnings.

Speak soon,


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