Is “Proof” Really Something You Need in Marketing?

Is “Proof” Really Something You Need in Marketing?

I’m an avid reader of Ben Settle. He has a really good style to his writing and I honestly enjoy reading 90% of his emails that come in. He had recently sent out an email in regards to the Warrior Forum respectively (and hilariously) titled, “Warrior Forum 90210”.

Essentially someone had posted asking about him and it turned into a couple of pages of people agreeing and disagreeing with what his methods were.

Now, whether you know about Ben or not. The fact is: HE IS LEGIT. He knows his stuff and is easily one of the best engaging emailers out there today. So whether you like him or not, the fact is that he’s well known, he’s successful and he knows what he’s doing.

On the Warriorforum (or as he calls it, the ‘Worrier Forum”) this thread ended up turning into a talk about him not having any “Proof” to his claims.

Some people were backing him up, other people weren’t. And someone said, and I quote, “Obviously proof is not the only thing… but my point the whole time is when you have proof, you don’t need to worry about that “other” stuff.”

That “other stuff” being positioning, believability, etc.

If you haven’t figured out by now, the Warrior forum; for the most part, is just rehashed gobbledygook that turns into a flame war and pissing match between who thinks who is right. Who claims their business is better, etc etc. If any of you have purchased a WSO there before…you’ll know what I mean. Most of the crap there is awful.

So when it comes to “Proof”. Is it REALLY something you need to sell a successful product? Is it REALLY something you need in marketing to “make it big”?

Well, allow me to get philosophical on your ass!

There are 3 underlying factors here. These factors can have many things fall into them such as launching, information, etc. etc.

But these three things are:

Proof, Belief and Faith.

Which one of these are more important?

JumperCertainly proof could be considered as such because you’ve “proven” something works. Then again, I can “prove” that I can survive a 10 story fall. But that doesn’t mean you will.

What about belief and faith? I remember talking to a guy who said belief and faith were the same thing. But in reality they are incredibly different. Belief is looking at a dilapidated wooden suspension bridge and believing it will hold your weight as you walk across.

Very Old Suspension BridgeFaith? Is walking across the bridge.

In my opinion. So many people have seen proof after proof, especially on these forums. Every WSO released here has some form of “proof” whether it a testimonial or screenshot of earnings, etc.

But when you boil it down, your customers didn’t buy off of your “proof”. They bought off of their belief or faith in you (and themselves).

Just my two cents.

Thanks for reading.

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