I’m the Worst Dad Ever…

I’m the Worst Dad Ever…

Yesterday was a pretty hectic day for me.

I was all over the place. Meetings, consultations, checking emails, etc. etc.

For the last week and a half I’ve been so caught up in the balancing act of my personal life, my professional life and family life that something happened that just really put me on my ass.

To give you a quick rundown if you haven’t really read up on me or asked, I’m a 30 year old guy. I’m about to be married to a remarkable woman in November.

She’s going to become the step mom to my two awesome little guys who are 9 and 10 (in just a few short months they’ll be 10 and 11…man, time flies.)

So long story short, I had received a text message from my Fiance and it was a video.

When I opened it…my heart dropped.

It was a video of my oldest son walking across the gymnasium stage in front of a bunch of people.

It was his 5th grade graduation…and I totally missed it.

For some of you this may not seem like a big deal, but here in the Midwest; 5th grade is the END of elementary school. Next year he starts middle school (grades 6th to 8th) and after that? My little guy is in high school.

You see, to my son? He probably didn’t really think anything of it. “Dad’s busy, no biggie, SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE! NO MORE SCHOOL!!! WOOHOO!”

But to me?

“Doug, you just missed your son’s 5th grade graduation. What the hell kind of parent are you? You can’t go back in time and fix this.”

So that lead me to exactly that…time.

Time is the ONLY thing we cannot get back for ourselve. We can mend a broken heart, we can restore our health, we can restore our wealth…but we can NEVER get back our time.

The reason I’m telling you this story is because Matt Lloyd is hosting a webinar over the next few days called “The O.P.T. Formula”.

OPT stands for “Other People’s Time”.

I got caught up in so much small stuff that I forgot I could have applied the VERY principles he teaches that would have resulted in me feeling a little less stressed out, a little more organized which could have ultimately prevented me from missing my son’s graduation.

So check it out. It’s a free webinar. What could it hurt? Trust me, it will be worth the time you took to attend.

Register for the Free Webinar Here


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