Going to Jail For BBQ Ribs

Going to Jail For BBQ Ribs

So get this…

I’m at the grocery store with my fiance’ right?

We’re in the produce section looking at some fruits and veggies and this lady and her boyfriend/husband walk by with their cart. The husband is eating a bbq rib that he must have gotten from a free sample cart or something.

Anyways, as he’s passing me…he’s finishing up the rib, polishing off the remaining meat…

…then tosses it right into my shopping cart.

What. The. @#$@.

Are you freakin’ kidding me?

So, being the kind hearted guy I am…I wanted to shove the rib somewhere where the sun don’t shine.

Naturally, this would have caused the “man” to get angry and it would have resulted in a potential altercation.

Thankfully my fiance’ grabbed me by the arm and talked sense into me before things became physical.

I could have possibly gone to jail over a BBQ rib.

And it got me thinking.

When we start out as internet marketers, we look for those free samples all over; those “bbq ribs” so to speak.

And when we get them, we may pick the bones clean…but some people will just toss it out wherever they please.

These people? Aren’t going anywhere.

They are going to be unhappy for and unfulfilled for the rest of their lives until they can snap out of their crappy attitude.

My Top Tier Business isn’t a free sample, but I can tell you that for the price, it definitely fills you up.

What is your biggest reason for not getting it yet?

I’ve been offering over $500 in free bonuses for a $50 investment.

If $50 is too much for you? Then you may as well unsubscribe because you’re wasting my time and I’m wasting yours by being on this list.

Click the link, check it out. Get the bonuses. Stop procrastinating.


I genuinely want to see you succeed.

We’ll talk soon.


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