Email Marketing is Dead – And How You Can Resurrect It

Email Marketing is Dead – And How You Can Resurrect It

I’ve been thinking long and hard about making this statement…

But email marketing is dying.

Now I know I may get a lot of flak for saying that from several people in the marketing industry, but I don’t write to make friends, I write to express my opinions and observations.

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty shall we?

Email marketing IS dying. Now before I go any further, I am NOT saying that it’s no longer effective, nor am I saying it’s not working well for people. I am friends with many marketers who still find email a viable platform for marketing…

But every day, it’s getting less and less viable.

Don’t believe me? Let me prove it to you.

How many email lists have you signed up for?

Out of those email lists, how many do you STILL read?

Out of those that you read, how many do you actually click a link that is in the message?

And out of the clicks you do…how many times have you purchased something?

“Everyone needs traffic and everyone needs clicks, but if you’re tired of getting crap and little to no results, click the link I’ve attached to discover 7 untapped traffic sources that barely anyone is taking advantage of.”

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If you’re like me, in the beginning…you probably read EVERY email that came out. Spent hundreds of dollars on God awful warrior special offers. (Make BILLIONS with this ONE CLICK Software!) lol

But inevitably, instead of reading, clicking and buying. I started unsubscribing.

Here’s the point I’m trying to make.

Whether you have a list of 100 people or a list 100,000 people.

Chances are your open rates are crap (let me guess, 1-5%?) and even more abysmal are probably the conversions to sales.

Hell, there was a point where I had several thousand people on my list, but 70 people would open my messages and I wouldn’t sell squat.

Now here’s the flip side of the coin. Here’s how you can STILL make email profitable AND effective. But there’s a little twist that no one is really doing.

Now read closely…

Instead of blindly sending someone to an offer/squeeze page and have them “opt in” to your list.

What about reaching out to them before they ever look at your offer?
You may be thinking, “That sounds like a lot of work, how do you expect me to talk to thousands of people?!”

Look, you don’t have to talk to thousands. But can you talk to 5-10 people a day? Can you reach out to 5 people that are looking to make money online?

It doesn’t need to be an hour long conversation. It could be a 2-3 sentence message on Skype or Facebook saying:

“Hey hey, I saw you were interested in making money online and noticed you had a Facebook. I just wanted to reach out. If you have any questions I’m here.”

With that, let me ask you… who would you rather have?

1.) 1,000 people you don’t even know are real on an email list and have 2% read your messages?

2.) 100 people you’ve reached out personally to and connected with?

Who would be more likely to listen to an offer you want them to discover? Who would be more likely to listen to your advice? And even more importantly…

Who would be more likely to buy from you?

My money’s on #2.

So the million dollar question you may have is, “So, how do I do that? How do I personally reach out to someone before they even see my offer?”

Well, I assure you the answer to that is much easier than you think.

If you’re serious about making money online and want to learn what I am doing to get 10-25 people a day. Add me to Skype. My ID is: ctrl-alt-rage

Or just click this chat button:


Alternatively, shoot me a message on Facebook

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