3 Warning Signs You’re Marketing Wrong

3 Warning Signs You’re Marketing Wrong

You’ve been going at this for months, maybe even years but haven’t been able to make any headway.

Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

There are countless people struggling with the same marketing woes as you are.

In fact, it’s easy to feel like you’re not making any progress but it’s even harder to see why.

I am here to tell you that there are warnings you need to be aware of. If any of these apply to you. Change them.

I guarantee if you do. You’ll start picking up the pieces to building a successful business.

WARNING 1: No One’s Engaging With You.

If you’re emailing your customers and prospects and trying to get feedback or any other form of communication but getting nothing in return. There’s a reason. There’s always a reason.

Chances are you’re not creating value or information that is engaging to your audience.

The best way to offer value and get your customers to engage with you is to understand who you’re audience is. Who are you marketing to? What do they want to achieve? What do they want from you?

You are probably thinking, “How do I know that if they don’t engage with me?”

That’s where you need to get creative. The best way to start writing to your perfect audience is to create an avatar. There are many guides out there on the internet that can help you get started. It just takes a little time to write one up and you’ll find all of your messages and information will be written for THAT audience.

WARNING 2: You’re Struggling to Make Sales.

This is a no brainer (obviously) but you may be doing something that most marketers who are struggling do.

Marketing To Everyone

This ties into figuring out your customer avatar.

Here’s a fact: 99.5% of the people who come to your offer aren’t looking to buy. They are looking for a solution.

Your offer needs to show them you can solve their problem. Whatever it may be.

You can’t expect everyone to want to buy your product. In fact, you DON’T want everyone to buy your product. You only want the people with a problem you can solve to buy your product.

To do that though, you can’t hard sell them on your first email. Or your first time they see your offer. You have to show them you have a solution to a problem. You have to show them that you are a person who can show them the way.

WARNING 3: You’re Copying Other Squeeze Pages

If you’re new to marketing. You’re probably using squeeze pages that are someone else’s. Or you’re asking someone for a squeeze page that they use that gets good conversions.

This is a mistake.

Let me be clear. It’s OK for you to take a squeeze page and make it your own. But you need to market with YOUR personality.

When it comes to squeeze pages with your typical “Make Money in 30 Days With This Amazing Free Report!” jargon. You’re doing it wrong.

You need to show them you’re different. It’s fine to use a format you’re comfortable with, but your message needs to different than anyone else has seen or is used to seeing.

And that’s that.

At the end of the day, you need to know who you are targeting. How to communicate to them and zig when everyone else is zagging.

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