10 Reasons Why You’re Never Going to Be Successful (Part 1)

10 Reasons Why You’re Never Going to Be Successful (Part 1)

Maybe this post will pull on a few heartstrings. Maybe it will offend a few. But maybe (and what I’m hoping) is it will enlighten and open the eyes to some of you who may be suffering from a scientific term I call “zerosuccessitis”.

There’s no hiding the fact that 98% of ALL marketers online are struggling to make any money at all. It always will be this way. It’s a sad truth but it’s a truth all of us must face if you’re looking to make any sort of income or have any sort of success online.

At the end of the day, the KEY to having success anywhere in your life begins with you. It begins with a mindset.

While I could go on for days about how to achieve a positive mindset. The best way to take the proper steps to success; is to avoid taking the wrong ones.

10 Reasons Why You’re Never Going to Be Successful

1.) You Refuse to Sacrifice.

SacrificeStarting a business online requires you to sacrifice in the short term so you can benefit in the long term. I’ve lost count at how many deaf ears/eyes this falls on. Perhaps part of the blame can fall on the WSO’s and other making money online products; who spout how you can make $10,000 in your first 7-10 days without doing any heavy lifting.

What it all boils down to though…is if you’re going to be successful. You need to devote and commit your time to build a business.

How much you sacrifice is entirely up to you. The advice I’ve given my coaching students in the past is this:

Start by blocking out your current job schedule. Obviously you need your job in the beginning, right? After that, block out family time. Even if you don’t have kids or a wife, think about a reasonable block of time each day or every other day etc that allows you time with them. Family should come first. It’s not always how it works, but it always should.

Finally, block out a minimum of 1 hour a day to devote to your business. Some people like to block it in projects (1 article a day, etc) but I don’t think that’s as effective as blocking time.

So you may be thinking, “What about my free time?” Well my friend…that’s what you’re going to have to sacrifice a little bit of.

2.) You Treat it Like a Hobby

HobbyEveryone knows what a hobby is…but just for giggles I looked up the definition and found it very appropriate to post here.

“an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation: Her hobbies include stamp collecting and woodcarving.”

I loved the “and not as a main occupation” part. So let’s think about this for a second…How do hobbies work?

Well, let’s look at one of my hobbies that I absolutely love, PC Gaming. I am a hardcore gaming geek. But my hobby of video gaming involves time and money (time to play the game…and money to buy them). Does video gaming make me any money? Hell no. Unless it’s in-game gold so I can buy a new dagger for my rogue.

Granted, I know a few professional gamers who are gaming full time and getting paid by sponsors. But that’s not their hobby anymore.

With a hobby you’re spending money. With a business you’re investing money. You’re not trying to make money online out of relaxation. You’re doing it to get freedom, right? So why treat it like a fun little thing you can toy around with when you could treat it like a solution to financial, spiritual and/or emotional freedom?

3.) You’re Running in 50 Different Directions

DirectionsOne of the biggest follies I see people do is they read a guide, get some coaching or try out a strategy for a couple weeks…get no results and move on to something else. Then that doesn’t work after a week or two…and they move on to something else. Then the next thing comes along and… I think you get the idea.

Look, you need to give it time! You can’t expect to see results after a week or two. You have to stay consistent.

For example, Lets say you were trying out Twitter ads and were trying to direct people to a blog post with a call to action to a product you’re offering. Let’s say you’ve spent 20-50 bucks, have had a bunch of engagements (people going to your post) but no sales. After a week or two, you come to the conclusion that it’s just not going to make money.

That’s incredibly foolish. Why? Because you’re getting people to your post. You’re getting traffic to see your offer. It’s not the process that’s not working. It’s part of the process that isn’t working. So instead of giving up…see what parts you could improve. Perhaps the call to action could be better? Perhaps the post itself isn’t engaging enough. Perhaps the people you’re targeting aren’t in a “buying” mindset.

Don’t just quit something after a week because you’re not getting results. Revise, modify and change accordingly until you know and are confident you’ve tried everything.

4.) You Don’t Implement

ImplementA student of mine went under my tutelage. They were stoked and ready to go. I showed them traffic strategies and a system they could promote. I even coached them for 2 hours over the course of a couple weeks.

Two weeks later they message me and say, “I haven’t made any money yet.” So I ask them. “Have you been implementing what I’ve been teaching you?” They assured me they were. I went down the list of what I taught and checked off everything.

At the end I asked them, “When was the last time you tried getting more traffic?” They replied with, “It’s been a couple weeks.”

They had followed my coaching to the letter but never implemented the core of how business online are built – through traffic.

The lesson here…is implement what you’re being taught. There’s a reason why people are successful. So learn from them and do what they tell you to do. Have faith my friend, have faith.

5.) You Compare Your Results to Others

CompareSo there you are…struggling to make a dollar online. You’ve been going at it for a few months, maybe even a couple years.

So you’re browsing Facebook and see some anonymous guy you’ve never heard of before posting a screenshot of him making $40,000 in 60 days with the same product or system you’re promoting.

You want to pull your hair our and bang your head against the computer monitor. Now, suddenly everything seems hopeless. You feel like you’re never going to get results. You’re never going to be successful and you’re never going to get ahead.

This kind of thinking will kill you. You cannot compare yourself to others in terms of the results they are making.

I can almost guarantee you that anyone posting results like that in so little time is either:

A.) A seasoned and established marketer/blogger.

B.) Has a copious amount of money to spend on traffic.

C.) Both A and B.

Trust me when I say I’d love to be making $100,000 months in commissions and payouts. But if I constantly compare myself to the people who are making that money. I’ll always be convinced that “I’m missing something.” So I’ll always try to find out what they’re doing. So I’ll always pull myself in 50 directions.

What you need to do is embrace the fact that people are making that kind of cash. Why? Because it’s proof that it works. It’s not some crappy product or service. It’s proven to make money. All you need to do is find out what works for you.

I hope this has been enlightening so far.

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And as always, leave a comment if you’d like. I always value an opinion.


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