10 Myths About Making Money Online (Part 2)

10 Myths About Making Money Online (Part 2)

In the last article, (10 Myths Part 1), I went over 5 myths about making money online. I discussed product creation. I talked a little about coaching. I even explained why “Push Button Software” is a crock.

So to conclude this 2 part series, here are the last 5 myths I wanted to cover.

Myth #6 – Solo Ads Are a Cheap Way to Get Traffic

Solo AdsFor those of you who aren’t familiar with what a solo ad is. Here’s a brief summary.

You pay a solo ad vendor for “clicks”. These clicks represent the solo ad vendor’s subscribers “clicking ” on a link that they send to them. So essentially, if you were to pay let’s say $70 for 200 clicks. You’re asking the vendor to deliver your email/his message with your link to enough people where you’d receive 200 clicks. In other words, you are paying them $70 to have 200 eyes view your offer.

It sounds pretty lucrative. You pay money, get people to see your offer and convert them into leads which convert them into sales. That’s actually how I started my marketing career nearing the beginning. I used solo ads all the time.

Here’s Why It’s a Myth: Now, I never said Solo Ads WON’T work. They can and they do. In fact, I will still do a solo ad now and again to test an offer to get a general idea on how it may convert. But solo ads aren’t cheap. You may see solo ads for $10. You may see cheap click offers, etc. But at the end of the day, the quality of leads you get from solo ads are usually pretty terrible.

So while you may feel you’re paying a little less money to get traffic. You’re ultimately going to pay more to get the same results from other methods. The honest truth is if you really want to make a lot of money with solo ads, plan on spending a premium price for premium traffic.

Myth #7 – Traffic Co-ops Are a Viable Method of Generating Traffic

Traffic Co OpIf you’re unfamiliar with the term, here’s how they work:

You essentially get a group of people (10-20, sometimes more) who all throw down a certain amount of money that usually ranges from $100-500. That money gets put together in a pot and the organizer of the group pays a vendor to deliver a huge email blast to their list.

This email will have a link that is set up on a link rotation that when the readers of said emails click it, it sends them to an offer. This offer is randomized based on what/whose links are provided during the co-op. Make sense? You’re essentially paying X amount of dollars to get substantially more clicks than you would a solo ad.

Here’s Why It’s a Myth: The problem with traffic co-ops? They are ultimately glorified solo ads. You’re still getting “clicks” the same exact way you would a solo ad. You’re just getting more “bang for your buck”. I had once spent $500 on 1000 guaranteed opt-ins. (Not clicks. Guaranteed subscribers who opt-in to a squeeze page and get placed on my list). I had 1,300 people subscribe to my offer. Want to know how many sales I made? None. Absolutely zero sales. In fact, out of those 1,300 people on that list. I have maybe 200 people left. Many unsubscribed and a few I just removed for never opening an email from me.

If you want to know some of the most viable methods of getting traffic and quality leads, feel free to reach out to me on Skype: http://skype.ctrl-alt-success.com.

Myth #8 – You Can Outsource Everything and Pay Someone Else to Do the Work

OutsourcingThere are countless sites out there. Odesk, Fiverr, Freelancer and countless others that are outsourcing sites. You can pretty much pay someone $5 an hour to have them do pretty much anything. Whether it’s creating a plugin, writing an article or doing some market research for you. So many think to themselves, “Why not leverage this? I’m comfortable paying someone to do all the hard work.”

Here’s Why It’s a Myth: I’m actually a big advocate of outsourcing. ESPECIALLY when you have your business built up to a point where it’s difficult for you to actually get everything you need to get done. But here’s the thing:

You can’t expect to outsource everything. In the beginning it needs to take some of your blood sweat and tears.

Let’s say you’re writing a review site (see Myth #1). You need 4-5 articles to write and you’re having trouble getting them done. So you decide to outsource them to someone to write it for you. Guess what? The article will certainly be written (and written well)…but it’s not YOU writing it. If people have read your previous articles and then read one you outsourced, they will be able to tell there’s a disconnect. They won’t be reading it from your eyes. They will be reading it from someone else.

When it comes to outsourcing, use it for these in the beginning: Market Research, SEO Proofreading (making sure it will compliment your site), Getting a Blog Set Up (if you aren’t tech savvy), getting a plugin to work the way you want it to work and any other stuff that isn’t necessarily going to “make you money” but will help the making money process easier.

Myth #9 – The Internet Marketing Niche is So Saturated it’s Hard to Get Started

Internet MarketingDo a quick Google search for “make money online” or “work from home” and see how littered it is with sites, blog posts, articles, guides, videos and the list goes on. One can easily assume that the Internet Marketing Industry is so populated that it takes a lot of work to make any headway with it at all. After all, everyone wants to make money online!

Here’s Why It’s a Myth: Let me be clear…The Internet Marketing Industry IS saturated. I’m not here to try to prove that aspect wrong.  With it being so saturated that’s a good thing. Why? Because it works. People are looking for a way out. People are looking to be financially independent. I’m willing to wager there are more people wanting to make more money than there are in any other field out there combined.

So why do people think it’s so hard to get started in? Because of information overload. They read so much, study so much and buy so much that they never take action. They get stuck in “research mode”. I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again. If you really want to make money online, you have to take action. Add me to Skype and I have no problem offering you a few ideas.

Add Me To Skype

Myth #10 – I Need to Prove I’m Successful Before Showing Someone Else How to Be Successful

Proving Success

Nearly every product and “system” out there has a proof of income attached to it or a testimonial from someone saying how much money they have made. So it’s completely understandable that when you’re first starting out in marketing, you feel like you’d be misleading people if you haven’t made any money yourself.

Here’s Why It’s a Myth: Let me be clear here. It DOES help when you have some credibility and reputation in the field. But in no way does it mean you have to be Mr. Successful McSuccessington to actually made headway.

Why? Look around you. Look at the people you know. Look at the research you’ve already done yourself. When I first started, I hadn’t made a dollar. Yet I had IMMEDIATE access to mentors and coaches who had made MILLIONS. They were people I reached out to on Facebook. People I could ask advice from and seek counsel with.

Just take a gander around you. You have options. And the fact that you’re reading this remember that I’m Also One of Those Options.

With all that said, I hope I made sense. I hope a this hasn’t fallen on death ears/blind eyes. Remember, it takes a little effort and action to make money online. But every single doubt you may feel can be proved wrong. Every fear you have can be overcome. It takes a little persistence and a little faith, but if you follow our dreams. You most definitely can achieve anything you want.

I would love feedback on this and as always you can subscribe to my newsletter for updates or simply add me to Skype to chat.

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Doug Johnson is the Founder of Ctrl-Alt-Success.com. He takes pride in helping people succeed in their marketing endeavors. If you’re looking to generate more traffic, find additional revenue streams or just a shift in mindset, he can help. Add him to Skype at http://skype.ctrl-alt-success.com or give him a call: 563-277-7457

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